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Re: Romulan questions

^Like I said, given the events of the comic, the interval between it and "Balance of Terror" would be no greater than the time it takes for the Commander to board his ship, get it underway, and reach the Neutral Zone. It would be speculating beyond the text, and going against its clear intent, to assume there were any intervening events between this story and BoT.

Going by the map of Romulan space from BoT, the distance from Romulus to the nearest outpost (assuming they're in roughly the same plane) is about three times the distance between any two outposts. We know that Outpost 3 went dark only an hour after Outpost 2, suggesting a travel time from Romulus of only three hours. Even if we assume it took the Commander and his crew a few hours to get the ship ready before disembarking, it's probable that Alien Spotlight story takes place less than a day before "Balance of Terror."
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