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Re: The Terminator Chronicles: Second Chance

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I like the dynamics between the Reeses and John Connor. You're doing a good job of capturing the grim, gritty feel of the future war, too.
Thank you, I appreciate it. I'll admit I'm finding them a bit harder to write for than in my previous works in the Terminator franchise. Before their purposes were very distinct, but with the events of the finale everything got turned around. Derek is still the same, but Kyle and John are far more interesting than ever before.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from Allison
Me too. I liked that character ever since I saw her in her first appearance. Allison From Palmdale was one of my favorite episodes of the series. if you decide to read some of my earlier works Identity Crisis focuses specifically on the events of that episode and shows Allison's capture.

and I'm definitely wondering who the mysterious benefactor is.
I'll tell you this: I've already planned out who it is and the revelation scenes are already written in my head I just have to type them out. That's the good news, now here's the bad. It's going to be a while before I reveal who the benefactor is. I'll plant little clues throughout the story as to who (or what - can't forget what) is giving them the information, but I wouldn't expect the answers for a while. The way I have this mapped out if it were an episode it'd be roughly two hours long and this would be the beginning of the first commercial break of the body of the episode. I''ll keep you guessing though. You could be right about it being Weaver, but you could be wrong too . Something insignificant could be very important.

My vote is Weaver, but I'm prepared to be wrong, and I don't trust her even if I'm right.
That was my favorite aspect of the show honestly. Catherine Weaver was one of the best ideas put into the Terminator franchise in a long time, in my opinion. A machine that was loyal to not Skynet, not the Resistance, but to her own interests. It was heavily implied in the series that she was building John Henry to fight Skynet and that her faction wanted peace with humanity, but there are many versions of peace. When Skynet was defeated how would they view humanity? Would they take up arms against the humans themselves?

So many questions that I'm looking forward to tackling. There were a hell of a lot of questions which included:

1.) What happened to Danny Dyson?
2.) What happened to James Ellison and Savannah Weaver?
3.) Is Sarah Connor still alive?
4.) Just how did John intend to save Cameron?
5.) Who's side was Cameron on?
6.) What were Future John's orders?
7.) What happened to the T-1001?
8.) What happened to John Henry?
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