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Re: Romulan questions

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I had the impression the comic was implying the Praetor had been in power longer than a few months.
I just reviewed the story, and if anything it implies that the Praetor has only recently come to power. For instance, on the bottom of the 13th page, the Praetor is monologuing supervillain-style and says:
Watching [my father] wield his power made me hunger for the day the throne would come to me. And it has!
That phrasing suggests it's a recent event. Also, on the 20th page, the Commander and the Centurion are discussing how things have changed since the new Praetor took over, again giving the impression that the current state of affairs is relatively new.

I suppose it's up to new Vanguard books to either acknowledge the comic or not.
Well, I haven't read the comic's sequel, The Hollow Crown, so I don't know if the Byrne version remains compatible with the novels. And the conclusion, Schism, hasn't come out yet.
Ah, well, I don't have the comic, only read it once, so my memory of it was possibly off. Don't know where my impression came from then. Thanks for clarifying. I tend not to pay as much attention to comics as they don't fit into the main novel continuity. I must say, I'm quite liking the idea of Vrax having a power-mad son, now .
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