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Re: Romulan questions

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The comic story is incompatable with the novels, as everyone's favourite insane praetor clearly isn't elderly Vrax, who is in charge there.
Memory Beta says:
Vrax being Praetor in 2265 may indicate that he is the Praetor who was assassinated by his son, who subsequently took the praetorship, as described in Alien Spotlight: Romulans, set in 2266.
By my estimate, going by date references in Open Secrets, "Balance of Terror" (and therefore Alien Spotlight: Romulans) is at least five months after Summon the Thunder. As far as I can tell, there's no irreconcilable inconsistency between VNG and Byrne's Romulan story -- though that may change in Byrne's later Romulan comics.
Hmmm, thanks. I had the impression the comic was implying the Praetor had been in power longer than a few months. I suppose it's up to new Vanguard books to either acknowledge the comic or not.
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