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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Critical Care (****)

I've always found this episode strangely enjoyable. Firstly, it takes on an issue that's relevant in many countries, healthcare. If there's a problem here then it is that we only see event's from Shmully's point of view, we never get to see evidence of how this society was dying before they implemented this radical system where a computer calculates people's worth to society. It's not a system I could ever agree to, but in extreme circumstances I could understand why it was implemented.

Shmully only sees the people that are suffering because of this system so he decides to act against it, and his initial naive attempt to change the world gets someone killed. Neat. So he tries again and this time his plan involves poisoning a man in order to get him to cooperate. Also neat. There's no black or white here, it's a necessary evil that Shmully performs to save others. The episode wisely decides to end without truly resolving the problem, the planet is still a haven of inequality, but at least Shmully made life better for a dozen people.
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