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Re: Let's discuss all episodes of TOS

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What about "Metamorphosis?" I think it's an exceptional episode; inspiring guest performances from Elinor Donahue and Glenn Corbett and an intriguing story.

When the Companion sacrifices herself, I always cry. It contains the introduction of Zephram Cochran, an important event in Trek history. "Metamorphosis" is one of my favorites, but so low key that I sometimes forget that.
As it so happens, last night Metamorphosis was the next ep that was in order to watch. A few things hit me about that ep:

Elinor Donahue's character was such a major bitch at first. So when she cried and spoke of how she was never loved etc. my immediate thought was, "Well, duh! i wonder why"....

But then i had the same reaction as you Jeri, once the Companion sacrificed herself. That was really lovely!

I loved Kirk's speeches. And i loved the Galileo. It looks just like the Hallmark ornament (or really, other way around).

This was one of my childhood favorite episodes and it had been quite some time since i had seen it. I really enjoyed it again.
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