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Re: Voyager Nacelles

Timo, I love your 'squeeze' theory. I'm just imagining a warp bubble forming and beginning to increase in flux as the nacelles charge... and then being squeezed by the rising nacelles, perhaps spreading it further forwards and backwards from the hull, with a smaller 'subspace gradient' than could otherwise be produced by a standard nacelle system, thus 'cushioning' the effects of the warp transition on normal space, sidestepping the issue of damage we saw in TNG.

TNG never explained what the damage actually was, it may well have been something to do with creating a subspace field or transitioning to warp rather than actually sustaining warp once engaged, after all, the 'D' coasted through the subspace anomaly just fine with an active subspace field to sustain warp (they were, after all, still at FTL) but just apparently not creating a propulsive effect, and did no further damage until they had to 're-engage' the engines.
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