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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Repression (**)

I remembered the twist to this episode, that Tuvok it the assailant who is being influenced by some Bajoran guy back in the AQ, so I dreaded that this episode was going to be a long drawn-out investigation that I already knew the answer to. To my pleasant surprise the episode moves at a swift pace throughout the investigation; at the point where it begins to become obvious that Tuvok is the one responsible it is revealed to the audience, and then it doesn't take too long for Tuvok to figure it out for himself. The first three acts of this episode are in the solid 3 to 4 range in my opinion, but then things fall to shit.

Firstly, the episode doesn't seem to know what the Maquis actually are. They were Federation resistance fighters fighting for control of their colonies from Cardassian oppression, and a few hard-line extremists (such as Eddington) wanted to become an independent state from the Federation. The Cardassians were utterly massacred in the Dominion War so they probably don't even have control of those border-worlds anymore, the UFP probably took them back. The Maquis cause is won even if they are all dead. Anyway, how does thirty-something Maquis guys on a ship trapped in the DQ resurrect their cause?

Terro's motivations... well, he doesn't have any, he's either insane or a pawn of the plot, or both. Tuvok sees visions of Terro and this is dragged out into some flashback that doesn't make any sense. Then Tuvok activates his mind-control powers and Chakotay commandeers the ship for five minutes before he loses it again. What was the point of that? I was all set for a Maquis mutiny plot back in season 2 but I wanted one based on legitimate grievances over Janeway's decision to explore the DQ rather than make a straight-line for home, I did not want a five minute mutiny based on mind control.

Then they all go to the movies and eat popcorn, because mutinies happen every day on the good ship Voyager.
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