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Re: Let's discuss all episodes of TOS

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Like i said earlier, one of my favorites too~it is creepy and funny and i love to see some of the crew during their 'off hours'. And i do love seeing Rand do more than bring coffee to the captain. (Ever notice how his yeoman's bring him coffee etc at the stupidest times??)
I liked the off hours view, too. You never got to see a lot of that in TOS. It's funny. The older I've gotten, the more I see in Rand than I did when I was younger. Grace Lee Whitney brought a fairly savvy, been around the block more than once attitude to Rand that was lost on me as a kid. For a role that was pretty much de rigueur for attractive young women of that time period, I think she put as much character and personality into it as she could. I often got the impression that the coffee and food interruptions were because the writers had no idea what else to do with these characters.
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