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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

And the idea that Netflix is "bad" because it means people are "lazy" is moronic. When is the last time any of us hauled water home from a well, felled a tree to burn for heat or hunted an animal for food? Or have ever done any of those things? Businesses arose to serve the wishes of people to be "lazy" and avoid doing all that shit. Netflix is just a continuation of a millenia-long trend. If people weren't lazy, there would be no such thing as movies. We'd sit around campfires and make up our own damn entertainment - now there's a local economy!

The irony is that the "evil" internet is a contrary trend - look at us, we're making up our own entertainment here rather than passively waiting to be spoonfed by Hollywood. Even as I type this, I have four Netflix disks sitting five feet away, unwatched. Why? This is more fun!

Our economy's not crap because of brick and mortar stores, our economy is crap because it was mishandled by a handful of charlatans.
Netflix is the kind of business that keeps economies from being crap. They think of innovative new ways to fill a need. Sure, they do it more efficiently and therefore with fewer employees than the businesses they replace, but the solution is therefore more creative thinking to create more Netflix type businesses.
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