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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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The funny thing about Americans is they don't realize that things like netflick or amazon or whatever is the basis for their crumbling economy.
You are ordering something that you could simply go a kilometer down the street for and then return the next day.
I can? Please, direct me to this magical place.

Netflix in a helluva lot cheaper than a normal video rental store, and they don't dick you around with late fees.
Netflix is local to me, or reasonably so. They're based in Los Gatos. So I can use em with impunity! What does NAFTA have to do with anything, it's not like they're based in Tijuana or Bangadesh.

Netflix is just an example of a better mousetrap. The Blockbuster and another video store that have gone out of business around my neighborhood have been replaced by a premium wine emporium and a drug store, neither of which are business types that are nearly as much susceptible to internet competition.

And DVDs will eventually be replaced by 100% paid downloads anyway. The notion of going anywhere, even your mailbox, to get a movie is going to be history sooner or later. That's why it's called NETflix.
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