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Re: Let's discuss all episodes of TOS

Orcus wrote: View Post
...Just have done this afternoon. Yep, it's not one of the best ones but... it is essentially a bit of fluff. One that is mildly entertaining and basically inoffensive but a piece of fluff, none-the-less. I think Hambone is right in stating that it seems to have been made with the Halloween season in mind.

I certainly don't think it's anywhere as bad as some have made it out in the past - it's kinda groovy in a proto-Rocky Horror kind of way. One minor flaw for me, though, was the reveal showing Korob's and Sylvia's true forms at the end: something that wouldn't, perhaps, have been out of place in one of the Muppets Christmas movies...

Sylvia looks strangely off-putting in that Bride of Frankenstein hairdo - and, for her, it really works to bring out the alien-ness of her character. Sadly I can't say the same for Chekov's: if it wasn't his own hair I'd say the Shat had pretty tough competition for the worst rug award. It looks even worse next to Lt. de Salle and all the other regulation Starfleet haircuts...
Yep, i agree with you guys, it most likely was done as a "Halloween episode", which is pretty funny if you think about it. Chekov (and his bad hair) was definitely Trek's answer to the Beatles/Davy Jones/etc influence...omg, that hair! I also think it is pretty funny that Korob has this 'alien' type name, while Sylvia is named, well, SYLVIA! And their true forms, well, wtf? Funny~!

startrekrcks wrote: View Post
I loved Shore Leave with it's fantasy like story what did you think of that episode
Also one of my favorites. I just LOVE that episode (and seeing that side of McCoy is such a HOOT!)

PSGarak wrote: View Post
Orcus wrote: View Post
I must confess a secret liking for Charlie X - but that's probably just nostalgia talking...
Don't feel alone. I liked that episode a lot, too, even with the lyre scene. Kirk had a lot of funny, uncomfortable moments trying to play "dad" to the creepy kid-too-old-to-be-a-kid. Yeoman Rand had some good screen time and actually some useful things to do for a change, and I even liked the end when Kirk realized that it was true, Charlie couldn't co-exist with human beings without being thrown into a destroy or be destroyed paradigm. Good early Trek stuff.
Like i said earlier, one of my favorites too~it is creepy and funny and i love to see some of the crew during their 'off hours'. And i do love seeing Rand do more than bring coffee to the captain. (Ever notice how his yeoman's bring him coffee etc at the stupidest times??)
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