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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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I can? Please, direct me to this magical place.

Netflix in a helluva lot cheaper than a normal video rental store, and they don't dick you around with late fees.
I think he means the local economies, at least that is what I think he means. Things like netflix and amazon hurt brick and mortar stores.
Many American companies and i do mean mostly American companies, have sent many of their jobs over seas because of cheaper pay rates or to avoid the uselessness of a union and then wonder why no one is buying their product.
Its simple cause and effect.
The people who buy your products tend to work for you too.
THe United States is totally being shafted by NAFTA, a toyata is dirty cheap there but a basic Ford is one of the most expensive cars in places like China and Japan.
Brick and mortar was the backbone of the american economy. But it takes 2 guys to fullfil those orders you make online as apposed to the multiple amounts of people it could help in YOUR local community.
Look, Netflix is a great concept and good idea honestly but its just a LITTLE Example, amoung many, of why your economy is crap
I pay $8 a month for 13,000 movies and television shows I can watch instantly. $8 a month? That's two trips to the video store if I only get one DVD at a time, not counting gas. I have no late fees. You see, what Netflix did was tap into a new market and found a way to deliver to that market.

I go to an online university in Phoenix, Arizona. I will have my degree in 17 months. There are two college campuses within 10 minutes of my house. Yet I got the better end of the deal.

See the pattern? This is the new path of business. There will still be brick and mortar stores, but only essential ones. Our economy's not crap because of brick and mortar stores, our economy is crap because it was mishandled by a handful of charlatans.


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