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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Allow me to take off my Voyager hating hat and put on my general Trek hating hat for a moment, because I'm tired of Star Trek dramatically blowing up ships and then undoing it by reintroducing the exact same ship again. TSFS was the first to do it, Kirk had to blow up the Enterprise in order to save Spock and it was an emotional sacrifice with real depth due to how iconic that ship is. Along comes TVH and they get the exact same ship back, but with an A. DS9 did it too, they make a very bold move by blowing up the Defiant to show the audience how powerful the Breen are and then they get another Defiant class ship for the final episode, except this one has a hideous carpet.

Now Voyager does it too with the Delta Flyer, they blow up a ship which had become a staple of the show and then they build a second one within a few days. I wouldn't mind it so much were it not for the fact that I find the Delta Flyer to be a formless lump, it looks like someone tried to make a cross between a sports car and a caravan. I was hoping that they'd build a new design but instead we get a few extra impulse engines at the back and ugly orange panels on the inside.

I've been getting some heavy sci-fi action recently from a play-through of Mass Effect, so today was one of those odd days where I was looking for some light fluff from Voyager, and that's what it mostly delivered. I'm not a fan of the terrorist sub-plot, but its a means to an end so I'll let it slide.

My biggest problem with the episode was B'Elanna's about face at the end. She made a realisation at the beginning of the episode that she and Tom weren't supposed to be together, and that made a lot of sense to me. Maybe their relationship is great most of the time, but about 75% of what appears on screen is them arguing or Tom acting like an ass, so I don't know why she's with him. She makes this realisation, but at the end she gets swayed by his terribly unconvincing proclamations of love and she marries him instead. Ah well, I guess I'll just never understand women.

As for Janeway letting Tom and B'Elanna spend their honeymoon in the new Delta Flyer... eww! I'm not exactly a prude, but I would not feel comfortable sitting on one of those chairs imagining what they two of them might have gotten up to.

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