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All in all I think that was aptly handeled by Adele. She might have a few insecurites but she knows how to handle her crew.

I wonder if she is going to be a more hands-on captain who will deal with any issues with her crew herself instead of leaving it to her XO. In this case of course she couldn't delegate as it actually involved Icheb directly. But so far I think we might see a very involved command style from Adele.
Whether Adele turns out to be overly hands-on or not, I think we can all agree that a Human/Betazoid hybrid with 44 years of life experience is going to have a natural advantage over a post-adolescent Brunali ex-Borg drone when it comes to handling people issues. (Not saying anything bad about Icheb -- just acknowledging the facts.)
So, are you saying the Borg have people skills issues? Because...that's really what I'm hearing here.
"Resistance is futile" is efficient, but uninspiring, which pretty much sums up what passes for Borg leadership. Luckily for Icheb, he was trained by the Borg, Seven, the VOY crew AND Starfleet Academy, so he's got a few more bases covered.

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