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how's this:
Hey Thor. It's a bit hard to make out. It's a Xindi-Reptillian ship and what, the Kumari? Maybe it would be a good idea to crop and zoom in? If you're not sure how to do that, I'll gladly help you out. Just let me know which episode... I think it's Zero Hour, where Shran is defending Degra's ship?
It's Dolim's Xindi-Reptillian ship being chased by the Kumari and Degra's Xindi-Primate scout ship from season three's Zero Hour.

I got the screencap from Trekcore, saved in onto my hard drive and then uploaded it to my photo- bucket account where I resized it to the appropriate size.
Alas, It has not come out as intended so if you could lend me a hand rectifying the visual problems it would be greatly appreciated
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