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I declare the winner and it's YOU for

Here is your . Treasure it!

And to lceb for giving CP a run for his money with this gem:

ChristopherPike, take it away!
Wow. A win! Nice. Meaning I get to do the honours.

So without further ado...

This week's theme for avatars will be "Starships and Spacecraft".

That can be any of the ships seen on Enterprise - Earth Starfleet or the variety of alien vessels, briefly seen or recurring.

We had a couple of space shots last week, so I thought it would be okay to spin-off from technology and focus on any image with a ship in it...

All the usual contest rules apply, no more than 140x140 pixels, or 70KB in size. Closing date in around week...

Jinx, are you still okay with sorting out the poll later on? If so, cheers in advance!
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