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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion

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I'd say TF2 was a better crafted film.

Yeah, being skull-fucked for a solid hour with explosions and nonsense is such a great "craft."
If you think that you were "skull f*cked" watching TF 2, that's your business. But I knew exactly what that film was going to do before I went into the theater to watch it. And you should have known it, too. TF 2 was advertised as a bigger, louder, more juvenile, more obnoxious version of TF1 (and TF1 was not a very good film, either). And that's exactly what TF2 was. I'm not saying that TF2 was a "well-crafted" film, just that it's "better" than Joe.

Joe was essentially the same approach -- the same mindless, pointless violence, thin plot, carboard characters, cool gadgets, etc. -- without the same production values of TF 2. The CGI of Joe was much, much worse. The acting wasn't any better. And I nearly fell asleep during long stretches of the film, such as the whole "training" sequences.

Again, I've no problem with someone saying they prefer Joe to TF2 (to each their own, of course -- and I was mostly entertained by both films), but, in my mind at least, TF2 is the better-crafted film -- such as it is.

Honestly, I'm thoroughly intrigued by people who think TF2 is terrible, and yet accept the same (or similar) faults from Joe.
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