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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion

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Considering how they treated Cobra Commander and Destro in the End, I do believe that they are completely with in their rights to be vengeful on the people that did this to them and would continue doing this to them, because that looked like they were stuck in a coffin with out trial or promise of release or any contract defining the terms or quality of their confinement, that given the alternative of life in a coffin fed through a tube for the next 6 decades or murdering 400 people for a scodge of Lebensraum, it doesn't seem unreasonable to wade through a blood bath and if positions were reversed, this isn't anything the good guys wouldn't think about doing to the bad guys.

Maybe they were in Gitmo?

I still want to know why this underground compound of elite soldiers was as about as secure as a 7-11 and staffed by about the sane caliber of people -aside from our main, characters.... er.... and inside that aside from Rip Cord.
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