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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion

I went in not expecting much but I was actually entertained and thought it was better than what I've been reading. Not once was I cringing or thinking "is it over yet?" like I was when I saw Transformers this year. That movie sucks compared to this one. It's too bad people don't have imaginations anymore and that seems to be the reason this movie is not doing as good as it should be, everyone is afraid of having an imagination. I wasn't thrilled about a lot of the changes to the Transformers but I accepted it and didn't hold that as a deciding factor in whether or not I liked those two movies. GI Joe is so much better than Bay's two TF movies in that the acting was much better and it didn't feel weird hearing the names being said. Of course, the ending kind of sucked but if they do a sequel, I pray they fix their mistake. It was a fun movie and isn't that why it was made? Isn't that WHY we go see a movie? Isn't that WHY we buy them later on? All those critics that rag on this movie need to open their minds a bit. It's FICTION! I think that's something they have forgotten.

And for those that played Mass Effect, doesn't Commander Shepherd look a lot like the actor that plays Duke? Did they model Shepherd after him or is it just a coincidence.

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