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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I'm just pointing out the tremendous advantage NV/P2 has in having so many people with real industry credentials and experience working on it. They also have a big advantage in resources, particularly in the FX department having have NEO to do their CG work.
Just to clarify a small point: NEO f/x does fine, fast, impressive CGI effects work. But I don't believe we at New Voyages/Phase II have ever used their services for any of our productions.

Greg is correct. NeoFX, their fine work aside, has not to my knowledge worked on our episodes. Max Rem (Battlestar Galactica fame under a different name), The Dave School, Daren Dochterman and a variety of very talented individuals (Joel, Juve, Pony, Tobias and many others) work on our FX.
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