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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion

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This movie was a steaming pile of dog shit. It didn't capture the things I liked about 'classic Joe' at all. It was just lame one liners strung together by nonstop headache inducing CGI. The Adult Swim series from a few months back was so far superior to this that they should've just made a live action adaptation of that.
Are you sure you didn't see Transformers again?
I actually had the sense to skip Transformers 2. I was going to skip GI Joe as well. But I had suggested to my friend that we watch "Let the Right One In", not knowing what a terribly dubbed, and plodding borefest it was. So I figured I owed it to him to watch The Rise of Cobra.

And someone made a good point earlier. Considering how Cobra pretty much gets it's ass kicked, calling this thing The Rise of Cobra is kind of like if they had called the original Star Wars something like The Empire Strikes Back.
Wow. You and me just don't agree on anything. I loved "Let The Right One In" although I'll grant you that it is VERY slow.

It's funny. I know people who refuse to see this movie just because they hate Tatum Channing or Channing Tatum or whatever his name is. Apparently he's the new Orlando Bloom(#1 Hollywood Pretty Boy who can't act). I've never seen him in anything other then this, and he wasn't bad. He played the typical Army Guy. It's not that hard to pull off.
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