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^In order to clean that up, our government simply needs to stop with this Too Big To Fail doctrine, and let the incompetent, exploitive--and yes, greedy--companies fail--as they always do, those who have no regard for the long-term, and focus on "quick killings".

Hisory has proven, time and time again, that those who obtain their wealth dishonorably, will always lose it in time--unless they're being propped up by the government (that would involve "lobbying"). Why? Because those who are not competent enough to make their money honestly--are not competent enough to keep it.

By contrast, those who build their wealth on foundations of integrity--such as Henry Heintz, James C. Penny, etc.--remain prosperous, in the long run.
"The saying implies but does not name the effective agency of its supposed utopia.... 'Needs and abilities' are, of course, subjective. So the operative statement may be reduced to 'the State shall take, the State shall give'."
--David Mamet
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