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Nazi Germany's economic collapse had far less to do with being a command economy than it did with, y'know, fighting a massive war on two fronts...and eventually ground down.
Which actually stemmed from the same philosophical premises as the command economy of the Nazis--namely, Old Pre-Kahn Eugenics (the idea of "purifying" man and society through government action, regulation--and millitary might).

As for the command elements in our society: yes, they are good--to a point. Left completely unrestrained (with no laws punishing fraud, etc.), a free market would destroy itself. It would disolve into anarchy, which is not truly free.

A true free market does allow for regulation, but there are limits to this, so as to prevent unneccessary incursion into the market, which hamper production, rather than encourage it.
That, and let's not forget the necessity of making sure that the free market isn't hijacked by rich elites to force the middle and lower classes to transfer money to the top.

And, as the present crisis shows, of making sure that the elites don't become so greedy as to make incredibly reckless business deals.
Democratic socialism is the hope of human freedom.
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