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Re: Enterprise was my best ST

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So if Star Trek was ATP, TNG and DS9 would be Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (respectively), with ENT being Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic, while VOY would be something like James Blake (a good player, excellent at times, but does not belong among the greats).
Yeah, but the problem is, when Enterprise was good, everyone wanted to watch it, but when Enterprise was bad, people left it in droves.

Kind of like Andy Murray (and how he is portrayed in the English media); if Murray was playing well, he was the "British" winner, but if he lost, he was the "Scottish" loser.

Personally, I'm a long-time "Niner", however, I think Enterprise was never given the credit it was duly noted, and should have been given the respect it deserved, but never got.
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