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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

First time here, as I've just caught up, waited for the brouhaha to die down. Another reason was I was finding the whoile damn thing so depressing. Fortunately, the point I started watching again (s4e07) seemed to me to be a point where the tone swung upwards as the race to the end began.

Cavil's suicide caught me out, and made me think, despite the resurrection hub going west, that he had a backup plan just for him. He seemed to be smart enough. But that might just be me.

Because I'd remained spoiler free, some things caught me by surprise:
The planet they finally settled on.
The angels (that really caught me out).
150,000 years later.
Sending the fleet into the sun (a dumb idea to me)
Roslin's death - how/where she died.
Boomer not making it (understandable in some ways).

Not sure about 'The Plan', or any other movies. I'll wait and see.

And one more thing: I found Starbuck as tedious as a broken car exhaust, loud, obnoxious, and stinkin' up the place. Her change as some kind of unaware angel being was just... what were they thinking?!
1984? We're way beyond that!
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