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Re: Let's discuss all episodes of TOS

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^^ You definitely need to. But don't blame me if your head explodes at the end!
...Just have done this afternoon. Yep, it's not one of the best ones but... it is essentially a bit of fluff. One that is mildly entertaining and basically inoffensive but a piece of fluff, none-the-less. I think Hambone is right in stating that it seems to have been made with the Halloween season in mind.

I certainly don't think it's anywhere as bad as some have made it out in the past - it's kinda groovy in a proto-Rocky Horror kind of way. One minor flaw for me, though, was the reveal showing Korob's and Sylvia's true forms at the end: something that wouldn't, perhaps, have been out of place in one of the Muppets Christmas movies...

Sylvia looks strangely off-putting in that Bride of Frankenstein hairdo - and, for her, it really works to bring out the alien-ness of her character. Sadly I can't say the same for Chekov's: if it wasn't his own hair I'd say the Shat had pretty tough competition for the worst rug award. It looks even worse next to Lt. de Salle and all the other regulation Starfleet haircuts...
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