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^I would imagine things are just as bad in the Typhon Pact worlds.
I doubt it. Recall that, by and large, the Borg Invasion mostly hit Federation and Klingon worlds, along with several independent ones. I didn't get a sense that any of the Typhon Pact worlds were suffering in the same way. Ok, the Kinshaya perhaps but for a different reason. Likewise the RSE. But the Gorn, Breen, Tholians, and Tzenkethi? I don't get the feeling that any of them were devastated anywhere near what the Khitomer Accord powers were.

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The difference will be, I think, which society will be more free--and therefore, more industrial. A command economy will eventually collapse--as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union can attest. It's just a matter of how and when....
Without dragging this *too* far off-topic... Nazi Germany's economic collapse had far less to do with being a command economy than it did with, y'know, fighting a massive war on two fronts and being strangled as far as trade goes, and eventually ground down. Some elements of command economy are integral to our own economic system, let alone those of, say, Great Britain. And complete unshackling of economy led to, well, mid-90s Russia, for what it's worth.*

*note the previous paragraph is written by someone with a very elementary grasp of macro (or micro- for that matter) economics, so specific terminology may not be accurate.
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