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Re: TOS five word thingy!!!

, and that 'coffee' was actually

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(BTW, I hate to be a stickler, Jeri, but don't forget about quotation marks when people are talking! )
Please take your red pencil to the mote in your own eye ^. Plus, Robert, MeanJoePhaser and NTRPRZ on Page 1... And you clearly don't hate to be a stickler.
Sorry, I'm not trying to offend, honest. And you're probably right, I don't usually hate to be a stickler --it's just the way I am-- except when it bothers others. I personally just think that, in story-in-the-round threads like this, the use of quotation marks would help clarify to all the participants when characters start and stop talking, thus making continuity between posts a bit smoother. Annnnd, I should probably shut up now.

I apologize if I come off as a grammar Nazi... I guess it's my nature. I hope you can forgive this fellow poster for not being able to control his inner English major.
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