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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Just to clarify a small point: NEO f/x does fine, fast, impressive CGI effects work. But I don't believe we at New Voyages/Phase II have ever used their services for any of our productions.
Partially correct...(and thanks for the kind words)...we DID do the Cow Creek Films opening for one of the released versions of "To Serve All My Days", and I am actually one of the security guards in that episode. I am not sure that episode still exists anywhere, or whether that could be considered part of the production, but that was our contribution.

NV/P2 is one of the few Trek fan projects we have not worked on. Some may be thinking of OGAM where we did the phaser, morphing and eye effects, and WAS filmed on NV stage.

Funny how rumors like that get started...
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