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Re: DS9 Avatar Contest 113

apenpaap wrote: View Post
Tough to choose between them but I slightly favour the second one.

od0_ital wrote: View Post
I didn't see 'Progress' 'til I had the first season on DVD, and immediately loved it, thanks to the relationship between Kira and Brian Keith's Mullibok.
I love the episode for the same reason. And for Kira's struggle with her new role. That's what I love the most about DS9 - they had plenty of character development!

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Can I get a "Hell, yeah!"?
"Hell, Yeah!"

arasam22 wrote: View Post
one thing i love/hate about this av competition... you get so long! on ASN we usually only get a week for all of our icons and sigs.... and for all the games and requests i do, that's like three icons and seven sigs a week :P XD
That's a lot of icons and sigs. I usually make 6 avatars per fortnight; 3 for this contest and 3 for the voyager avatar contest.

Once upon a time we used to have 5 days to enter and 3 days to vote but about a year ago some forum avatar contests changed into a longer entry period so more people would have time to enter.

Random theme: For lack of inspiration I'll enter this Xena av (unless I come up with something else later on):
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