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Re: Voyager Nacelles

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I can remember the early pre-view drawings of Voyager in TV Guide before the show came out with the warp nacelles fixed in a down position. I truly wanted to see the nacelles move according to the different speed of the ship.
But... why?

That's really the point. We know why it was really done... for the same reason that so many other nonsensical design decisions have been made through the years... "Becuz it'll be kewl!" But is there any plausible technical reason for doing so?

I can think of quite a few technical reasons for NOT doing so... not the least of which are the decreased mechanical strength of the nacelle attachment points and the increased complexity of the hardware required to go through hinged joints.

But is there any plausible reason for moving the nacelles, other than because Jeri T wanted it that way?
To change the geometry of the warpfield as the ship attains higher warp speed. Much like an F-14 or F-111 changes the angle of the wings to aid in supersonic flight. At least it would have been better than the useless "up = on, down = off" which had no plausible reason for occurring. "so the warp engines would not be in the way of the impulse engines" is about as close as anyone can get. If your weakening the structural integrity of the ship just to get something out of the way of the impulse engines maybe you should consider a better location for them in the first place.

Apologies to Rick, but it's not your fault that the exec's made you add that detail "because it looked teh kewl"

You would think that with all the technobabble that was spewed in 7 years of Voyager they could have said at least one line commenting on a fairly obvious part of the ship or at least worked it into a story considering how unique it was in design.

I would have loved an episode with a mechanical failure preventing the nacelles from rising to warp position.
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