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Re: New forum description

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Oh course the lame Enterprise line is winning... A 10 second line on one Stargate episodes 5-6 years ago....

The forest one is true for the last 15 years of ALL Stargate, not just one bad line from one bad episode.
Totally agree, since Stargate these days is essentially all about self-parody, the Canadian woods line makes perfect sense. And it's clever and works as a forum description. Oh and it actually represents ALL of Stargate.

The Enterprise line is just lame, potentially confusing and, well, not actually that funny any more, 7 years later. As bigdaddy says, a solitary line from an episode years ago, to describe all of Stargate??

Obviously the latter will win now, and there are far more important things in life to worry about. I just find it strange that most people prefer that option.
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