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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Unimatrix Zero, Part 2 (*)

JANEWAY: I don't compromise with Borg.

From Scorpion, Part 2:

JANEWAY: I've reached an agreement with the Collective.
Nah, lets not let facts get in the way of a kewl one-liner.

AXUM: It turns out I'm on a scout ship patrolling the border of fluidic space, on the other side of the galaxy.
SEVEN: I was hoping we'd be able to meet one day, in the real world.
AXUM: Me too.
If only the Borg had the ability to open some sort of interdimensional rift that would allow instant passage to fluidic space, then we wouldn't have this pathetic excuse for getting rid of Seven's love interest of the week.

Oh, wait...

SEVEN: Axum's vessel is in a remote sector of the Beta quadrant.
No it bloody well ain't! From Scorpion again:

TUVOK: We appear to have crossed an interdimensional rift.
PARIS: We've definitely left our galaxy. No stars, no planets.
Fluidic space is in another dimension. The Beta Quadrant is most definitely not.

QUEENIE: Spatial grid zero nine one, sphere eight seven eight. Complement eleven thousand drones. Only one is silent but I have no choice. I must silence all of them. I know how this must upset you, Captain. As a Starfleet officer you value all life, even drones. How many more are you willing to sacrifice?

At least another 75,000 dead in order to get 140 people home a few years earlier.

Maybe I'm a heartless git (anything is possible) but I say that if Queenie wants to blow up a tenth of the Borg fleet in order to destroy a few million independent drones then you shouldn't try to stop her. You're at war with the Borg and this will significantly hinder any attempts by them to assimilate other worlds, including Earth. Billions of lives will be saved from the horrors of assimilation and all you've got to do is sit black and watch the fireworks. And to be perfectly frank, I don't like these attempts to humanise the Borg. I think that Picard made the wrong decision in I, Borg and I think that Janeway's moral objection to the Borg shooting themselves in the foot is silly.

Not quite as silly as B'Elanna being knocked out of the way in the Borg's pursuit of Janeway and none of the Borg thinking to capture her just in case she decides to make sabotage the ship at the end. Why are the Borg so dumb?

Things I liked? Tuvok's descent into dronedom, it is interesting that the one with the most mental discipline is the one who broke first. There's a nice scene where Shmully tries to mask his pain while talking to Seven about Axum, Picardo sold me on that scene. And stuff gets blowed up really nicely towards the end, although it was a little sickening to hear a Borg speaking technical jargon, it assists the ruination of a once incredible foe.

Torpedoes: 77/38

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