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Re: Sienna Miller: Genre babe of the week #33 (Aug. 2009)

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Third: How can this woman be a generic anything to any of you? There are rarely women of any hair color so pretty as this Brit wandering around waiting for me to chat them up. WTF? I want pics from everyone who's pulling out the generic blonde card showing exactly who the knock-out blondes they encounter in real life are.

Fourth: Thumbs up, of course.
Seeing how I've already forgotten her face after having checked the pics a few hours ago cause I had no idea who she actually was again, I find the description "generic" quite apt actually. Beautiful, yes, but not really standing out from the other beauties we've seen.
Indeed... that's pretty much exactly what I meant. I don't deny she's nice-looking, but she's also not overly-distinguished in her appearance. A tad forgettable, really; and it has nothing to do with her hair colour either.

FWIW, though, I'll reiterate that I didn't let the fact that I find her somewhat generic prevent me from giving her a thumbs up. She's still a babe, and I'll give credit where it's due.
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