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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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If Jimm would be up for it, there is actually a part in the next episode that I have reserved for 'cameos'...Lou Scheimer and Larry Nemecek have already done their part, along with a couple other folks.

If Jimm wants to record a line like "Exeter on final approach to Jupiter station" I definately have a place for that and it would be a nice wink to the fans. He wouldn't be shown on screen, but true fans would know it was him.
Michael, that sounds GREAT! Are you going to ask him? I mean you are in touch with Jimm, aren't you? Why not do it? If his voice was in there, it would be a great way to tie in and promote The Tressaurian Intersection which might be ready around the same time. What I mean is... in the forums we could say the Exeter which made a brief appearance in Animated Farragut is also releasing a completed episode. Very cool idea, Michael. Please go for it!
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