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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion

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sorry, he's not Flint, he's Sgt. Stone.
Seriously? He looked just like Flint. He even had a beret. A BERET!

- The movie was fun and easy to follow, but I have to ask... How and why exactly did a young, skinny soldier become an evil megalomaniac bent on world conquest? I must have missed something.
They showed that. He was a techy geek who went over to the dark side because he was so enthralled with what Mindbender and Destro were doing.

Sienna Miller's Baroness was undoubtedly easy on the eyes and her character worked well for the story they set up, but still, I found myself wishing they had given us the cold eastern european villainess I remember. I would have preferred that to the sassy all-american girl we got. I'm also not sure how I feel about her having been under the influence of nanobots instead of having gone bad on her own. Her being good now is an interesting twist for G.I. Joe though. There's no real Baroness anymore. I wonder where they plan to go with that.
She'll be back. I guarantee it. The mind-control will either win out or she'll struggle with it like Bruce Banner or something like that.

I found their take on her interesting. She's kind of become quite the sex symbol nowadays. A hot, geeky, dominatrix speaks quite well to certain male demographics. Which is probably why they made her into the bad girl who's really a good girl underneath and just needs a hug to make her see the light. Which is quite the opposite of her cartoon counter part. Who was shrill, annoying, mustache-twirling and quite frankly not that sexy.
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