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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion

ObiWanShinobi wrote: View Post
Did this movie remind anybody else of STREET FIGHTER: THE MOVIE? With Jean-Claude Van Damme. But you know, on a way bigger scale and budget?
Now that you mention it, yes, a bit.

Samuel Walters wrote: View Post
It's a big, dumb summer action flick. You have an equal chance of liking it or not. I'll be curious to see how many people who throttled TF2 give Joe's mindless, juvenile, ridiculous story a pass.

Personally, I was entertained by it, but not as much as I was for TF2.
I don't think that Revenge of the Fallen was the train-wreck people are making it out to be either. Like I said earlier, I think high expectations played a part in why so many people trashed TF2 while low expectations helped G.I. Joe.
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