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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion

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It doesn't look like it captures the spirit of the G.I. Joe I remember, and the Baroness looks to have been terribly miscast. It's still G.I. Joe though and I'll go see it.
That's what I said almost two weeks ago. Now here's my assessment...

I agree with those who said that the trailer and promo shots didn't do the movie justice. It turned out better than I thought. Did it capture the spirit of the G.I. Joe I remember afterall? I can't give a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer to that. What I will say is that this movie did an impressive job of re-imagining G.I. Joe as a 2009 live-action motion picture and I can't think of anything right now that was really bad or too over the top. The world of high-tech weaponry and megalomaniacal villains was set up pretty nicely, followed some good internal logic, and played out equally well. The ending however was about what you'd expect from movies like this. A lot of noise and destruction with not much else. Some characters underwent some changes but beyond that, it wasn't anything special. Overall, I'd say this movie was 'above average'.

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Of all the information released about this God-awful movie, the Baroness is the only thing they've done right.
Sienna Miller's Baroness was undoubtedly easy on the eyes and her character worked well for the story they set up, but still, I found myself wishing they had given us the cold eastern european villainess I remember. I would have preferred that to the sassy all-american girl we got. I'm also not sure how I feel about her having been under the influence of nanobots instead of having gone bad on her own. Her being good now is an interesting twist for G.I. Joe though. There's no real Baroness anymore. I wonder where they plan to go with that.

More points...

- Good intro. Not what you'd expect from a G.I. Joe movie.

- Christopher Eccleston was fantastic as James McCullen. I was also impressed with how they made him Destro. I was wondering how they'd bring a metal mask into the live-action format and make it work, and they did it to my satisfaction.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt rubs me the wrong way in his interviews. He comes off as a little sanctimonious. He did however play a great Doctor-tuned-Cobra Commander. As The Doctor, he reminded me of Keanu Reeves. Maybe I should call him Keanu Reeves: Cobra Commander. By the way, I do wish they had gone with the hood instead of that mask thing he ended up with.

- The movie was fun and easy to follow, but I have to ask... How and why exactly did a young, skinny soldier become an evil megalomaniac bent on world conquest? I must have missed something.

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