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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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That is about right..In fact I sent some frames of the 'thing' to Dave yesterday to finalize the ending shots. I will then be looking at the security guard shot, which I have had sitting on my hard drive for over a year...Hopefully we can get that taken care of.

Outside of that, I am also close to being complete with my tasks...I guess at that point it is up to Jimm..
Michael & Dennis: Thanks guys! Thank you for all your efforts on Starship Exeter. Reading these last few posts really has me pumped! Act Four sounds like it will be spectacular!

As a fan, I am thrilled by the quality of production shown in TTI up this point. It sounds like all the stops are being pulled for Act 4. That's very exciting.

Unfortunately, it's kinda sad to think that there probably won't be another episode of Exeter made due to the length of time spent in post-production.

So, Michael, what would you think about doing an animated Exeter in TAS-style. Maybe even a crossover episode with Farragut and Exeter? How about a follow-up to TOS "The Ultimate Computer"? (Oops, just tried to check my facts; I guess Exeter wasn't there.) Getting recorded voices from the Exeter crew might be more speedy than a live-action effort.

It's a thought. After all, it's pretty obvious that fans totally love your new Animated Farragut!

Again, Kudos to both Michael and Dennis for all their hard work on entertaining Trek fans like me.

And thanks to Jimm for producing the most-true-to-the-original episode of Trek to date. Countdown to Act 4 completion....
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