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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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Add me to the "I love Instant Viewing" crowd. I saw all of Karl Urban's Xena episodes and caught completely up on Heroes through Instant Viewing. I don't watch that many discs, so I'm not getting my money's worth on the discs. But that's me being lazy and not watching them faster, which has nothing to do with Netflix's services.

I think I more than make up for it with Instant Viewing.
I can so hear you having KU say, "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a Greek god- oh wait I am one too!"

We used to have Blockbuster but they got slow about sending the disks out *and* raised the price. We've had Netflix for about three months and love it. Plus I'm just discovering the Instant Viewing too. I'm so new to the Instant Viewing I never even thought of watching Heroes that way. (Heck I just discovered Youtube a couple months ago). Another positive is that I'm the account holder and am keeping the queue to a minimum- my husband had the Blockbuster one and had like 50 gamillion things in queue and was constantly shuffling them around- drove me nuts.
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