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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Actually, what happened way back when was that there was originally going to be a use of both CG and practical models in Tressaurian Intersection. In the end, the mix turned out to be almost all CG for spaceships and outer space shots and mainly models for interiors - corridors, the engine room - as well as the crashed Kongo saucer, some destroyed buildings on Corinth IV and some "space debris" from the Kongo. But we were planning to use a lot of CG from the beginning - consideration of trying to do the opening shot where the camera pushes in on the bridge as a practical model, for example, went by the wayside very early in planning.

Michael and NEO fx came on during post-production of Act Three, contributing some beautiful shots of the shuttlecraft and hangar bay. NEO is doing probably the preponderance of CG work on Act Four...I think I've done mostly various flybys of the Exeter so far.

Jimm said last week that he wants to talk to me about extending one such shot a bit, and aside from that I think my CG work on Exeter is done. I believe that's true for Michael as well.

If I've missed properly crediting NEO somewhere in that summary, I apologize in advance.
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