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I do agree with Beckley however. Adele went to this board with a matter that she should have delt with on her own as the master and commander of her crew and her vessel. If anything it shows a certain degree of insecurity on her part that she feels the need to refer to the board on this matter at this stage. She's already talked to Command and they've given her the go-ahead. In my opinion there was no further need to consult the board even if some of there opinions may have been useful.

My two cents.
Oh, he definitely had a point. What was intended to be a simple briefing on the fact that the Borg may be in the Alpha Quadrant pretty quickly devolved into Adele unwittingly dumping her mounting insecurities on the advisory board and using them in a way they were never intended to be used. It's got to be tempting in a way -- two former Captains to mine for experience, and a counselor who understands you in a way most people on your ship can't due to your mixed heritage. Then, she was so thrown off balance by Beckley she lost her focus and allowed that temptation to get the best of her. She's going to have to watch that in the future, for sure.

And yes, Adele has quite a few insecurities and flaws. She's only human, after all (well, 3/4 anyway).

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