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Re: william shatner academy when is part 2 & 3 coming out

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I also much prefer the millitary school-style academy to the Wesley factory it's usually depicted as..
I really must disagree there. I hated this book's depiction of Starfleet Academy. Starfleet cadets are in training to be explorers, diplomats, and scientists first, soldiers when necessary (the uniform-rank-weapons stuff is because they need to be prepared to jump into the role of soldier if need be) not "the army". The training style at Shatner's version of the Academy was of a type I despise in real life, yet alone in the future of the Federation. If it isn't even appopriate for real soldiers- and I'm sure it's not- it certainly isn't appropriate to Starfleet. The "Wesley Factory" is what Starfleet and the Federation are supposed to be about.
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