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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract

I like this segment for the introduction of the advisory board. It appears to be a novel idea in Trek but it is great way to create some interesting conflicts which, say Janeway, never had to deal with while she was gallavanting around the Delta Quadrant.

This board could be a terrific foil for Adele, especially Beckley who clearly is not her biggest fan. He might be miffed about being relegated to an assignment in which he seemingly has only limited authority. Or maybe it's something else.

I do agree with Beckley however. Adele went to this board with a matter that she should have delt with on her own as the master and commander of her crew and her vessel. If anything it shows a certain degree of insecurity on her part that she feels the need to refer to the board on this matter at this stage. She's already talked to Command and they've given her the go-ahead. In my opinion there was no further need to consult the board even if some of there opinions may have been useful.

My two cents.
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