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Re: Sienna Miller: Genre babe of the week #33 (Aug. 2009)

Kind of generically pretty... but pretty nonetheless. And even though I too got a little sick of hearing about her relationship with Jude Law and her affair with Balthazar Getty in the press, I will choose not to hold that against her. Thumbs up it is!

Oh, and I read an article earlier today which talked about how close she became with Rachel Nichols while the two of them were filming G.I. Joe. Here's an excerpt:

Miller says, "We needed each other - it (film set) was a very testosterone-fuelled environment. We actually spent Valentine's Day together, in my bed!"
Nichols adds, "We all got on so well making the film - we spent all of our time together."
I particularly like the bolded part. Yes, I'm sure she meant it platonically, but there's no harm in letting her statement inspire my imagination a little.
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