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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract

Continued excellence! A board like this must be a living hell for a starship captain. Even the thought that your decisions might be overruled or amended must stick in Oyugo’s craw. It’s like having her status changed to commander-but-not-necessarily-master of her vessel. And here she’s having to consult with them even before Tesseract’s departed the Alpha Quadrant!

I can see Admiral Beckley is going to be an issue. His unremarkable service file and Oyugo’s inability to read him are potential problem indicators. I wonder if he’s genuinely human, or if he has some kind of technological gadgetry that makes him intentionally unreadable to the captain? If so, it seems that there may be other agendas at work here, ones that other people or groups may not want Oyugo privy to.

I’m looking forward to her conversation with Lt. Quigley. You can tell a lot about a commanding officer by how they tackle issues of discipline with their crew.

I’m eagerly anticipating more of this terrific story.
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