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Re: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Grading & Discussion


As a modest Joe fan I knew going in I'd have different expectations than a die hard Joe fan. I was prepared even with my modest knowlege to rip it up. I found it rather enjoyable despite some changes and relationship dynamics they elected to show.

Why Cobra Commander can't have one of his two most famous masks but they still honor Destro's is stupid. It's like honoring Optimus Primes look and taking creative liberty with the others just because you can, not that it makes any sense. They did it just to do it, have the fingerprints on something new regardless if its better, which it is not.

Snake Eyes owns the movie.
Scarlett was great.
Baroness was awesome.
Duke was good.

What humor is in it isn't overplayed. Yes a couple seem cheesy and you know they were included as the *wink/nods* to fans so when they come just roll with it. Its only a few and the movie does take itself seriously. This is not an action comedy. Its a action flick with some small bit of comedy.

Its wide open for a sequel and I say some characters fates are left to creative rewrite for a sequel.

I wouldn't mind seeing it again and I can't say that for Transformers 2 and I'm a HUGE Transformers fan.
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