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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I still think that overstates the case. "Tressaurian" was not made in people's homes and garages. The primary shoot was on a stage at a studio: Hell, there's even a crane shot. The things happening at home is the same stuff that typically happens on other fan films at homes or home offices: post production, like editing and VFX. And let's remember that this was filmed FIVE YEARS ago, and even Phase II/NV wasn't then what it is now.
Again you misunderstand. I know it literally wasn't shot in homes and garages, but it WAS shot by fan/hobbiests. NV/P2's roster of production personnel includes a large number of people in makeup, fx, etc with professional credentials, including Trek credentials.

I'm not sure who you mean by "They also have a big advantage in resources, particularly in the FX department having have NEO to do their CG work." It sounds like you mean Phase II, but that's confusing because NEO f/x is doing work for Exeter in addition to other fan productions, as has been discussed before.
That I did not know. Last I heard, Dennis had taken over after the original FX guy had to drop out and they switched over from practicals to CG.
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