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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

I like Callum.

If they're going to rename the show after the bustling Metropolis up the road form Smallville, why not wait until it's called Zodsville?


This was a consideration of another show I'm watching which I can't remember whichone, in so far as syndication deals, if they change the name of the show then they have to renegotiate desperately for the new series which is complicated and bullshit... Scrubs! Yes, a complete over haul, and refocus, as Sarah and that that little dip shit standing between me and Natalie Portman claim they want off the ride, but the name stays the say to keep the syndication money for the existing 8 seasons trucking.

I suppose they thought all was doomed when Ron Howard decided to leave Happy Days? All though the Dukes were pushed.
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